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Rolf Jensen er Danmarks internationalt kendte foredragsholder, forfatter og rådgiver. En erfaren fremtidsforsker der rejser overalt i verden, giver sit bud på fremtiden for jeres virksomhed. 


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Rolf Jensens lecture in Saivonlinna, Finland at the Saimaa summit, July 31, 2014. The topic is whats next - we have to face a new world.

Book Review: The Next Renaissance Is Global

The Renaissance Society: How the Shift from Dream Society to the Age of Individual Control Will Change the Way You Do Business


by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen.
McGraw-Hill. 2013. 194 pages.
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Fourteenth-century Europe was arguably a grim place: recurring plagues, bloody wars, and high-stakes powerstruggles sowing discord among the kings and the papacy. But it was in this environment that the Renaissance emerged. In like fashion, the economic and social unease of our present day may be the incubator for an all-new Renaissance era that will sweep across the globe, argue Rolf Jensen, business advisor and “imagination officer,” and Mika Aaltonen, CEO and researcher.


The dream of achieving material wealth through hard work ran deep in Western societies in the twentieth century and led to better living standards than the world has ever seen. That material dream has now taken root in Eastern societies and is attaining a similar result. Within a few decades, the Americas, east and south Asia, and Europe will all be more or less equal in wealth.


But while Asia’s economies keep growing, Western societies’ growth will stall unless they discover new dreams. The authors see potential new ones forming already. Individuals are pursuing innovation and ideas like never before and are increasingly basing their lives around personal fulfillment instead oft he acquisition of material goods.


This new “renaissance” is visible in such trends as collaborative, crowdsourced scientific research; “nomad” professionals who work primarily from their own homes or local cafés; and organized religious practice declining while individualstic spirituality takes its place. People are doing away with top-down management, hierarchy, and control, and are organizing themselves from the ground level up. What’s taking shape is a more individualized society—less manageable, but also richer and morediverse.


Companies that want to attract buyers had best make products that appeal to buyers’ values, aspirations, and personal identities—or, better still, offer products that customers can design and customize themselves, the authors advise. And if they want to optimize their own workforces, they must offer their employees opportunities to be part of a larger organizational mission and infuse sound ethics and values into all company operations. Jensen and Aaltonen present examples of companies that are exemplifying all of these new modes of business.


The authors describe the emergence of this renaissance in the West, but Eastern societies should pay attention, too. Once Eastern consumers attain the West’s living standards, they will very likely want a new “renaissance” like the West, as well.


At a time when countless commentators are expressing dismay over the excessive power and capital resting in the hands of a smallgroup of elites, Jensen and Aaltonen make a strong case for confidence that an equalizing shake-up really is in the works. The Renaissance Society is a refreshing and inspiring read for anyone with an interest in the future of commerce and global society.


—Rick Docksai, The Futurist

The New Renaissance Is In Our Hands

People’s trust in government, major businesses, organized religion, and other traditional institutions is at a historic low, but there is a silver lining: We are placing more and more trust in each other. An unprecedented age of individual initiative will soon be fully upon us.

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The Renaissance Society by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen

The Renaissance Society by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen


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